Thursday, September 17, 2009

Death Penalty Follies In this item taken from the Paper of Record--the double murderer at left is waiting execution following a trial in which the female Judge and male prosecutor were boinking one another. A reviewing Texas Appeals Court says, no biggie!
Several questions arise: huh?!!!!! being the big one.
Are we crazy? How can we justify killing people if we can't guarantee them a boinking-free trial, jjjjjjeeeeeeeezzzzzzzuzuuuuuuussssssssskkkkkkkeekkeeeeeeyyyyriiiissstttttt!
Let's get serious folks, how do you "avoid the appearance of impropriety" at least as it relates to rulings from the bench when one of the lawyers in the trial is shoving his penis into the Judge off the bench? And Texas doesn't have a problem with that? Are they kidding? Great pic of the Texas CCA after link:
Let's be straight about one thing, most of these death row guys are human pieces of shit, the guy in Ohio that they tried and failed to kill on Tuesday, kidnapped, raped, and then murdered a 14 year old girl. But how do we kill him without engaging in state-sponsored toruture and cruelty? It can't be done.

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