Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A letter to the Supreme Court

There is no easy--real, apology.

I violated the rules that require all lawyers to be good and honest businessmen. Those rules exist to protect clients from lawyers who are not good businessmen from becoming lawyers who will not only neglect client matters but worse, steal the client money. When I and my secretary paid personal bills out of my trust account I did recognize that it was a short step to using the trust account when the assets in the account belong to the client. When I became unable to pay creditors and when I did not seek to resolve creditor claims through compromise or bankruptcy I created and continued the illusion that I was trustworthy when I was not.

I accept the consequences of my actions and my failure to take appropriate actions. While I personally dread every aspect of this process should the Supreme Court sustain the recommendation of suspension I accept that consequence as being a product of my actions, alone.

I apologize.

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  1. Hope you get disbarred you incompetent scumbag.