Monday, August 17, 2009

Ah, welcome!

Have a seat. I paid $700 for those wing-back "client" chairs about 15 years ago. They were used then, but very nice. Velour. Comfortable? I've always liked them, but I think they are little too comfortable for the purpose. When I need you to sign your life away--the chairs are a little too low and too cumbersome. But we're just talking, and these chairs are just right. If I'm lucky money will fall out of your pocket and I'll get to it before the cleaning lady does.

I received a notice from the disciplinary panel that heard the action against me, the recommendation is a one year suspension plus a year probation if I can (a. pay off all my creditors; and (b. take a law office management class; to give proof that I learned how to supervise my big-titted secretary so as to prevent her from writing anymore checks out of my Trust Account to pay her Nordstrom Credit Card. Apparently the panel of my fellow lawyers isn't convinced that the sheer horror of learning that this took place is enough to adequately chastise me. And isn't ironic that the debtor is punished by having his or her ability to earn income stripped from him contingent upon paying their bad debts a truly functional way of sorting it all out. When I read this disciplinary panel recommendation, I thought: righto, old chaps I'll just ring up accounts payable and order them to pay those pesky creditors--isn't that what they do in the white shoe firms? I'm a bad lawyer and a deadbeat.

How did this Bad Lawyer come to the attention of the authorities? Next time.

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