Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Diktats

(Left)Here he is, fashion icon, former Congressman, Youngstown, OH Sheriff, and accordingto Wikipedia, the only man to successfully self-represent himself in a criminal RICO action. Unfortunately, for Jim Traficant--he's completing a prison term for some other bad acts. None of that detracts from Traficant's status as male fashion template.

I'd publish, and I will publish my favorite photo of Jimmy T when I find it--splendid in an 70s double-knit poweder blue two button that knocks my socks off!

Where to begin with Jim, I'm just kidding of course, you begin with that small animal on top of his head. Google Traficant images for the many views of this pelt. Amazing.

Then of course there's the skinny wedding singer ties, the various colored blue denim is a nice touch and the gym bag/brief case is great. It communicates to juries--I can't wait to get the hell out of court and go do something really important like work on my abs.

The whole denim thing is something you see with lawyers that I blame Superlawyer Gerry Spence for starting the trend. Spence dresses like a rancher, in fact he owns a dude ranch. A lot of young lawyers paid thousands of dollars to go off to Spence's dude ranch to learn how to be Gerry-like--and they come back wearing bolo ties, and cowboy hats (uh, see pic of Charles Binder). I know a lawyer, far as I know--never been out of the Big City except for maybe a Spence dude ranch seminar, wears custom-made Nudie western wear and lizard boots. Authenticity mmmmmm, maybe not.

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