Monday, August 24, 2009

The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal--Part 1

Out of Law School I went to work with ambulance chasers, the kind of guys who would love to have had mesothelioma commercials; or wear Cowboy hats on teevee telling you to let them handle everything, 'cause you have so much to worry about.

My mentors were amazingly scummy, very little was beneath them--even as a Bad Lawyer I had to take a shower after spending a day with these characters. When I hear the ambulance chasing commercials that run endlessly on Cable News channels, with their phony empathy, I cringe in disgust. And as repulsive as these golems were, they couldn't hold a candle to my beloved Church--the one true church.

Let me give you a for instance, Auxiliary Bishop A. James Quinn, Esq., civil lawyer and canon lawyer. The guy at the center of the response to the Catholic Sex Abuse scandal in America. The Conference of Catholic Bishops legal hit man--when the scandal began to break in New Orleans and Boston who did the one true church call? Bishop Quinn. And was there any tactic beneath Quinn, not a chance! He specialized in smears, threats and libel but his specialty was obstruction of justice. Cover-ups r us, all the while sounding as sincere as Charles Binder, you have enough to worry about. for a too balanced discussion from Adam Liptak see, More later. In the meantime a great general resource:

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