Saturday, August 22, 2009

Contempt of Court

Here's the deal, we all know this is an arrogant judge--but it's Texas. I honestly never imagined that a Judge like Judge Sharon Keller would face a consequence in Texas of Godawfulplaces--at least, for the puny little act of greasing the needle. I'm surprised Judge Keller isn't getting a Judicial award of some sort.

Here's a clue--this sort of judicial arrogance is par for the course. So many of your public officials and so many of your tax-funded support staff--have nothing but contempt for you, you, the citizens they are supposed to serve.

In trial, my partner and I represented a rape victim and her husband--the elected trial judge was too lazy (er, busy) to try the case himself so it was "spun" to a "visiting" judge (an old retired sack of gas); at the outset of the trial, the Judge in front of the jury shouted at the rape victim's husband when the Judge who was nearly deaf, couldn't make out the husband's answer to a preliminary question.

An objection to the Judge's rudeness and disrespect made privately in chambers, by your Bad Lawyer, was later characterized by the Judge to the jury in open court as the rape victim's lawyer lying about him! The court of appeals later exonerated the Judge's trial conduct by saying that a later curative instruction to disregard his odious conduct fixed any mistake the Judge made in tainting the trial which ended in a 6-2 verdict against the rape victim and her husband. Justice in your home town--ain't a whole lot better then deep in the heart of Texas.

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