Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bad Cyclists Still Riding Into Flung Open Car Doors, Riling the Cops

It's good to see that in my absence, bad cyclists are still riling the police by myriad acts of thoughtlessness for instance: the inconsiderate act of resenting being "doored" by the Cop who flung open the patrol car door without looking. 

According to the Gothamist this "rude" bicycle commuter, Christina Thede, a 28 year old theater technician was ticketed by NYC police for allegedly running a red light when in fact she claims her sole offense was objecting to a police officer nearly "dooring" her as she rode.  It's actually pretty amazing that the levels of hostility towards non-fossil fuel transportation continue unabated when gas prices hover at $4 a gallon (a current historical high.)  On the other hand when folks are paying outrageous sums of money to clog city streets in their cars who needs a bunch of self-righteous enviros and bike nerds to make them feel guilty, right? 

From another perspective (as always there are many perspectives) the Bad Lawyer pioneered face-planting for objecting to being "doored" (or, rather peppered-sprayed) for the temerity of objecting to rude and inconsiderate official conduct.  You won't be surprised to learn that during my sabbatical in Morgantown, West Virginia this tendency on my part landed me in the HOLE for 8 days of reeducation.  But more on that later. 

Hat tip to Bike Snob, boy, did I miss laughing with BSNYC, et al


  1. I think that even tho their intent to clean the environment from polution, they should still follow the rules fo the rode. It is only to be safe at the least.

    1. From Christina's story it doesn't sound like she was riding around feeling entitled. An inconsiderate did something illegal (it is illegal to door a cyclist in NYC) and she called him on it. As a matter of point, she was obeying the rules of the road like motor vehicles are supposed to.

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