Friday, April 29, 2011

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Other Maricopa County Law Enforcement Liars Begin to Fall

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, America's Toughest Sheriff has been repeatedly outed on Bad Lawyer as a extra-legal law enforcement thug.  He countenanced constitutional abuses by his deputies and he created a reign of terror that has cost and will cost Maricopa County and the State of Arizona millions.  And yet, like the birthers--Arpaio is a darling of the right and Republicans throughout the United States--often flown into to raise money for the Republicans.

Corruption was so rife in Maricopa County that another Arizona County's (Pinal) Sheriff was detailed with conducting an investigations.  When Arpaio received the investigation which confirmed wholesale corruption by his chief deputies he stonewalled media requests to release the report.  The report has now been released and Deputies involved in corrupt and illegal activities are beginning to lose their jobs, including chief deputy David Hendershott.  

Obviously, the question that remains is how long will Arpaio himself be free from federal indictment?  Stay tuned.  At the link, excerpts from the Pinal County Sheriff's investigation.


  1. BL asks, "Obviously, the question that remains is how long will Arpaio himself be free from federal indictment?"

    According to Kevin, it'll be about five fucking years. But first, of course, they'll have to ask Sheriff Joe what his name is.

  2. A: After all these years, your first frickin's question is what's my names?

  3. Big fan of your blog (welcome back!), but I admit to a pet peeve about this pic - that's not Sheriff Joe. Are you using it as a sort of stock photo stand-in for him? Here's a pic of him:

    I understand if all the chubby old white guys look alike to you. ;)