Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Further Southern Exposure

Maybe it's that Southern weather but the Legal Profession Blawg had this link to a South Carolina Supreme Court decision suspending a member (intended) for dropping trou.   The lawyer's name is J.M. "Buddy" Long, III, a Conway, SC family law practitioner.  

According to the opinion attorney Long liked to expose himself to passers-by standing behind the storm door of his house sans pants. 


  1. Stupid question...he was in his home. Can it be indecent exposure when you are in your own home? Yeah, he allegedly did it on purpose, but can't you be nakkid in your own house??

    Oh, and why is it always SC????

  2. Melinda,

    Good point! The opinion also indicates that Atty Long pled guilty to a misdemeanot in connection with multiple charges of standing at his storm door without the benefit of pants. Looks to me like there was pattern, or something emerging.


  3. Has J.M. Long III been in any other incidents since 2011