Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simple Justice on Restitution and the "Misty" Series of Child Pornography

This morning Scott H. Greenfield at Simple Justice had a provocative post on the "Misty" series of computer child pornography

In the last year the New York Times and other major media  covered the legal and philosophical issues arising out of the now adult survivor victim's efforts to seek redress, specifically to obtain "restitution" in criminal prosecution where her images crop up on the computer hard drives of child porn defendants.

Scott's post this morning (his second on this case) deals with some of the aspects of the underlying criminal conduct as it relates to the restitution component;  and, especially the difficulty federal courts face in arriving at statutory restitution remedies.  Restitution is complicated, enough, now try to figure out how it suffices as a remedy for an adult survivor of child pornography vis-a-vis the present day perpetrator via the mouse click. 

Lots to think about, huh?

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  1. It must be unimagineably devastating to find that your stolen childhood is pandered via child pornography on the computers of men with the compulsion to wallow in this stuff. Viscerally I feel enraged for Amy/Misty. At the same time how must it feel to have your childhood memories stolen by the molesting parish priest or uncle, step dad who crop up in the family pics often posted via facebook by well-meaning relatives who don't know about your suffering. I have a difficult time understanding how a criminal court can fashion a useful remedy.