Thursday, April 21, 2011


Prison was an Orwellian, cultural, adventure.

 Like many semi-literate schmucks who undergo this experience I think it was endlessly fascinating; of course, every Tom, Dick and Mary seem to believe that they have a brilliant book in them based on prison adventures.  We probably have O. Henry or Dumas to blame for this impulse or example or whatever.   I personally doubt that I have much to add to this literary canon.  Regardless, I plan to write about the last 5 months and I'm actually working on some posts based on various facets of being a white collar criminal elite.  My mocking tone or words should not be confused with the reality which was prison is stultifying.  My thoughts are with the men and women who are still in custody in prisons in America.  Believe it or not, there are many fine people, some of them real crooks--doing time.  I want to examine the widely-held assumption that prison serves a functional purpose from my Bad Lawyer perspective. 

Keeping watching this space.  I'll show you my tats.

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  1. Absolutely great to have this blog ranting and railing and personal experiences to boot. Keep up the good work. The prison stuff is very interesting.