Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Hate Saying Goodbye

When I started writing here, and it became apparent that nothing good, from my limited perspective was going to come of my tax and disciplinary woes, I promised to at least tell it all on Bad Lawyer.

My professional conduct deviated from the standards of the ethical attorney in the maintenance of my IOLTA account;  and, in the reporting of income and payment of taxes.  I rationalized that I would be able to "catch-up and negotiate."  This was delusional on my part.  I thought to myself that I was not stealing from my clients, I was just taking from my allocated attorney fees.  While technically true, the rules mean something--if in fact, I could not pay may bills, keep the phones turned on and pay the secretary without cheating then I really had no business holding myself out as being fit to practice law.  As the secrets of my incapacity compounded I was sicker, and less able to practice.  After 15 years of sobriety I relapsed, seriously oblivious to the connections between my unethical and illegal conduct and sobriety.  I thought my relapse related to my father's dying--I recognize now that my father's dying and the crisis in my family was just an excuse to medicate my more profound disorganization and emotional disorders. I was sick.

The most painful moment until now was standing in Federal Court and admitting to the Judge that I was a tax felon.  Not something I ever envisioned, not something I ever dreamed possible.  I genuinely respect the law, I did not think I could break the law.  I broke the law.  My heart and mind are shattered by what I did and what it means for my family and for me.  Thank God for my friends, family, and support system, especially AA and OLAP; looking forward from the time when I knew charges were coming down I did not imagine surviving the psychic blow that I knew was in store for me.  But I did.

Today, tomorrow, or Monday I will have myself driven down to the US Marshall's office to surrender and commence my 5 month incarceration. 

I am in extreme emotional pain, and the desire to go early is my recognition that I am not spending these remaining moments of freedom with anything but the heaviest of hearts.  My poor kids.  I can't imagine what it's been like for them this last couple of years. 

I will miss my children the most.  Despite the day to day disappointments and gnashing of teeth that parenting teenagers presents--they are the best things that ever happened to me, and they would not be in my life but for the willfulness of the BSL who demanded that we go out and fetch them from the universe.  My children are pure joy, smart, fun, loving and beautiful.  Their friends and family are blessed to know them and have them in their lives.

My friends: Pat, Sharon, Bill, Steve, Lester, Irving, Chris, Mark, Nancy, Ron, Laura, Robbie, Carmen, John, Chuck, Mike, Alex, Gail, Betty, Gayle, Yehuda, Keith,Tom, Marcia, my sisters: Sharon and Amy, my co-workers, and my neighbors are amazing!  Instead of abandoning me, they opened their arms and showed me more love, concern and care than I deserve or thought possible.  Thank you all.  I want you to know that several folks have played roles in reporting my offenses or claiming that I did this or that wrong or unethical act.  In all sincerity, I thank former peers and colleagues who felt it incumbent upon themselves to report me to the disciplinary and tax authorities--whatever their intention or motivation, they saved my life and freed me from the bondage of my secrets.   I wish all my friends, family and former colleagues:  peace, prosperity, freedom, love, justice, and health.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers--I know you will. 

Finally, while I am in Federal custody I plan to write, if only for myself to relate to you at some future point.

I hate saying goodbyes, but this blawg was a long good bye to who I thought I was, who I admire, who I am, what I think about the law, lawyers, and judges, how I and others fail, and what I dream about.  I dream about justice and love.  I dream that children are born without physical and psychological diseases, that they are loved, and that justice and peace prevail in their lives.  I dreamed that the law, and those who are practitioners in the law will work to advance this dream. 

It was an honor to be an attorney in OurState, a privilege.  I regret that my limitations cost me this privilege.  Someday I pray that a miracle occurs that will allow me to fully pay my debts and return to the profession I loved. 

Maybe my experience will at least serve to caution you to take very seriously the obligations to uphold the laws of your state and of the United States of America;  and, to take in all seriousness your duties under the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

I'll see you in April!

the Bad Lawyer


  1. Please keep writing, BL, even if it's only the old-fashioned way. You've still got things to learn, to teach, and to share. We'll be waiting to hear about them all next spring, when the world wakes up from the long winter and you're back among us. We'll be thinking of you and praying for you...

  2. Wishing the best for you and your family in this difficult time. You're a big man for accepting responsibility like you have. Please come back to blogging when you get out.

  3. Hang on, Bill. See you in April.

  4. Keep the emails of your followers so we can have "reunion" of sorts in April.
    My family and I will pray for you and yours.

  5. Looking at my life from one vantage point, I see nothing but devastation. Yet, like the moon, my life has another side, one with some luminosity....

    -Sylvia Fraser


  7. I wish you the best of luck. I disappeared from BSNYC for personal reasons a year ago, but enjoyed immensely our interactions there. It was a year ago today when I disappeared so I decided to look back and check in.

    I hope the five months pass quickly; I will check back in then.

  8. Godspeed. I have you bookmarked and will continue to keep you there until your return. I hope all turns out well for you and your family.

  9. Much respect for your blog. I've been enjoying it since I found it months ago. It would be great if you could somehow find a way to blog from prison.

    You are taking your punishment like a man, and that's very honorable.

    Someone like you will make friends fast in prison. I know from experience.

    I know one thing for sure: summer 2011 will be a very memorable one for you.

    Take it slow, bro.

  10. You are a wonderful always will are loved and respected by many...heck, why do we pay taxes anyway? For check collectors and wars we don't belong in...I will miss you and can't wait until you return friend.

  11. Looking at my life from one vantage point, I see nothing but devastation. Yet, like the moon, my life has another side, one with some luminosity....

  12. Keep writing. Keep living. I'll be tuned in when you return.

  13. Thank you for your coverage of the story from Kermit, TX about the whistle blowing nurses who were prosecuted. The arrest of Dr. Arafiles for retaliating against the nurses made it to the New York Times and Washington Post today. I came here looking for your take on the story. I’m very sorry to hear of your situation. I wish all the best in your future when you make a new start.

  14. I just came across your blog yesterday. After reading a few posts with interest I wondered why you hadn't posted in December and checked your last November post. :( My heart hurts for you. I poignantly feel your sincere regret and ..repentance, though I don't use that word religiously. Keep following your program and your life will come together again. Our lives are so full of fake, insincere bullshit that someone who will speak the unvarnished truth is a jewel to be treasured. I hope you keep doing so as your ego heals.

    I'm looking forward to following your future.

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  16. Get yourself a GOOD accountant. You know the old saying about people who represent themselves in court? Well the same holds true about doing your books.

    Yeah, I am an accountant. I am not licensed to practice before Satan's tribunal(yet) but maybe...someday, someone like you will need someone like me to plead your case before the IRS.

    I wish you the best and come back to practice soon. We need good lawyers.

  17. Best of luck!
    I will be waiting!

  18. bridgeport joe parente-ask him if he lied to and cheated a disabled person

  19. Men who cannot live in society are either beasts or Gods! -Aristolte

    At least you still have good writing skills!! That 5 months could be the best five months of your life. In every situation, even the worst perdicament there always exist a small kerrnel of opportunity to not only make things better, but sometimes make them better than they ever were...You can come out of there a better person.

  20. you should post while you are in there see

  21. It's April any word yet?

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