Monday, November 1, 2010

No Sharia Law In Oklahoma

The Los Angeles Times has this remarkable report of a Oklahoma ballot measure which if passed will enact a ban on Islamic Sharia Law practices.  The LAT piece notes that Sharia Law practices don't exist in Oklahoma, but hey who's to say that a good preemptive measure won't preserve freedom and liberty over the long haul, I guess.

News factoids like to cite to ridiculous archaic laws and ordinances that are still on the book in places in places around the US, this is a presumptively absurd.


  1. Because Sharia was totally on the verge of taking over, right?

    This law is redundant - we have the First Amendment which is supposed to prevent religious law from being adopted ANYWHERE in the U.S.

    In fact, this law is worse than redundant. It might do serious damage to Oklahoma's economy. In addition to banning Sharia, it bans the use of ANY foreign law in Oklahoma courts. This could invalidate any contract with a choice-of-law provision that calls for disputes arising under the contract to be resolved under the law of another country.

    If such provisions are void, it will make it very difficult for companies in Oklahoma to do any international business.

  2. Hey BL, dem Okies done passed that law! No more 10 commandments for them.