Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MLB Star Jim Leyritz Drunk Driving/Vehicular Homicide Trial Underway in Florida

Jim Leyritz, a MLB legend, killed Fredia Ann Veitch, 30, in a drunk driving collision after a night of drinking to celebrate his 44th birthday at the Fout Lauderdale Blue Martini.  His blood alcohol level tested at .18 after some distracted driving he "t-boned" the SUV driven by Ms. Veitch who was ejected from her car into the roadway.  Leyritz' DUI/vehicular homicide trial in underway in Florida.  This is the link to the Sun Sentinel account of the trial.  There is also a good deal of coverage at the NY Post and Daily News websites.  Leyritz, a star, catcher hit a "game-changing" home run on behalf of the NY Yankees in the 1996 World Series. 

If convicted of the charges, Leyritz faces a 4-15-year prison sentence.


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