Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad, Bad Lawyer

Read this and weep. I know none of the participants, but boy-oh-boy do I feel for them.

A lawyer acquaintance of mine cornered me at a birthday party last year and related how he had represented a client in a case that did not turn out well. My friend/the lawyer had agreed to bring a lawsuit arising out of a failed commercial real estate deal. The client thought he was entitled to $300,000 from the defendant. As of the birthday party, his lawyer had so bollixed the representation that both the client and my friend-the lawyer were on the hook for nearly $700,000 on a counterclaim, attorney fees, interest and sanctions. The most remarkable aspect of this—was that the my friend-lawyer would own up to this disaster in public at a social occasion. A head slapper.

Things can go seriously awry, fast. Bad, bad lawyer!

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