Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When Will Time Heal All?

I was reading a review of Francine Prose's new book length discourse on the Diary of Anne Frank, in the NYT:, in which Professor Prose argues for the recognition of the Diary as a literary masterpiece. Prose makes the point that Anne Frank the writer/diarist was able to talk directly to her imagined reader without detectable artifice; and, Anne was able to illustrate the character of her actors through incident not judgment. NPR featured within the last couple of days one of the directors of the Anne Frank museum who makes the point that if Anne Frank's life had coincided with this technology she'd be a blogger--this notion fills me with shame when I think of the triviality of what I do as a blogger.

I read the Diary of Anne Frank as a high school student--there are injuries and atrocities that time will not heal. If by time we mean the span of our lives.

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