Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Big Law Bad Guy Caught In Child Porn Distribution and Possession

Late last week a capital markets lawyer and partner at Allen & Overy (which according to its website is a major international law firm practicing in 37 cities), Edward De Sear (pic) was arrested by the FBI and charged with distributing child pornography.

According to the Village Voice:  The complaint filed by the FBI includes graphic descriptions of three videos and images they had traced back to an IP address registered to De Sear. Two feature an adult male in sexual acts with a pre-pubescent boy, and another depicts an adult male with a pre-pubescent female who was bound by rope. 
During the execution of the search warrant, on or about July 14, 2011, law enforcement agents interviewed EDWARD DE SEAR, who admitted, in substance and in part, that
(1) he downloads and shares child pornography using his laptop;
(2) he uses the P2P network to download and share child pornography;
(3) he is the only person in his home who uses the P2P network; and
(4) he receives sexual gratification from viewing child pornography
Last year, I passed along many examples of professionals of all sorts involved in this repulsive stuff.

On some psychological level I get how a person gets into the neurological habit of clicking on images and downloading this garbage.  But I can't fathom the act of making it, producing computer files comprised of this disturbing stuff, and distributing it.   You would think a lawyer would completely understand the perniciousness, let alone the danger in these criminal acts.  But as we saw last year, Judges, lawyers, child care workers, psychologists, physicians, bankers and law enforcement are not immune from committing these crimes.  

In addition, the FBI complaint states that:


  1. I hope he dies a horrible death

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  3. Yeah it can be true to say that lawyers can understand and handle perniciousness. But they also need help from other lawyers to handle such serious criminal acts.