Monday, July 11, 2011

Arizona Republic Special Report on Arizona's Gunslinger Mentality

Legislator Lori Klein with her Pink Ruger .380
The Arizona Republic is running a special report on its "Gunslinger Legacy."  Want to know why this country is gun nuts, you might find some answers in this terrific special series at AZCentral, the Republic's Internet portal. 


  1. Huffpost is following you, they ran Rick Ruelas article about the legislator, Lori Klein and her hot pink Rugeer. According to Ruelas' account, Klein pointed the Ruger at his chest to show off the laser sight. She also walked the Ruger into the capitol 2 days after the mass shooting that dramatically injured Gabrielle Giffords. You're right Bad One, these folks are nuts.

  2. A steady diet of sun and no water is a recipe for disaster. We should have sold the state when the Chinese were buying anything.

  3. Great comments, see today's update!