Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Did Senator Klein Really Point Her Loaded Hot Pink Pistol at a Reporter? Yep!

Sen Klein with her laser-sighted  Pink Ruger
Transcript of the interview wiht Senator Klein:

Klein: A friend of mine said, it looks like a water pistol. I'm like, yeah, wait until you see the laser pointer.

Henle: It has a laser on it?

Klein: Yeah. Yeah. I showed it to you.

Henle: I didn't see the laser part.

(Simultaneous) Klein: I pointed it at him.

(Simultaneous) Ruelas: She pointed it at me.


Ruelas: With the safety on, you pointed it at me.

Klein: No, there is no safety on that.

Ruelas: OK.

Klein: I just didn't have my hand on the trigger, god.

Ruelas: Oh no, but it does look, I mean, if I could see it again, it does look like a, like a, makeup bag . . .
Henle: There's no safety on that?

Klein: Yeah, no. There is no safety.

Ruelas: ... it looks like you're carrying sunglasses in there, I mean . . . actually, yeah.

Klein: I won't point it at you.

Ruelas: I have sunglasses. It's about that size . . .

Klein: So OK, this is the laser. Look, look, that's the laser. But see this gun is basically for self protection.  You're really accurate 20 feet away from you. Do you know what I mean? That's basically ... now, notice, I don't have my hand on the trigger. There is no safety on this gun. But you have to really pull the trigger, to you know, it's a harder trigger. That's part of your safety.
At the AZCentral website you can follow this controversy which is a fascinating sidelight to the larger article I linked to yesterday about the gunslinger legacy in Arizona. 

Oh, and more on Senator Klein.  At her campaign website Klein first listed endorsement....?  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, big surprise, there, uh huh?

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