Friday, July 8, 2011

Manilla Gets 10-25 Years

In May I told you about the Pennsylvania lawyer with the felony history who nonetheless continued to illegally possess and shoot guns with the net result that he killed a friend on the first day of hunting season.  As I reported, then, David Manilla (pic, right) entered a plea of guilty to involuntary manslaughter of Barry Groh (pic, left). Today, Bucks County Judge Albert J. Cepparulo told Manilla he would never hold a gun again, or pull a trigger as long as he lived.  Judge Cepparulo sentenced Manilla to 10-25 years in prison.

At the link there is an excellent local account with video of Manilla being walked out of the courtroom to begin his incarceration.   At right, is a picture of Manilla entering the courthouse in the company of his girlfriend and her daughter. 


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