Monday, July 18, 2011

Priceless: Geoffrey Fieger Advises Casey Anthony to Stay Out of Media Spotlight

That's right folks, Mouthpiece Hall of Infamy media-whore Geoffrey Fieger advises Casey Anthony to stay out of the media spotlight.  Apparently, Fieger feels threatened.


  1. chicago joseph parente is a pathalogical liar. i believe he has tried two jury cases in twenty years. hsi firm refers most things more complicated than a car accident out to other lawyers. lack of integrity is his biggest fault

  2. I agree he is a low life and a bully. He illegally raided a small Physical Therapy company and forced the owner to sell his majority shares to him. It was a coercion technique that ruined the company. He than will use this company as a scame company for his PI cases. I was under the impression that it is illegal for a Lawyer to coerce business for profit!! He is the Devil and no one knows it. He should run for office in Chicago he fits right in with the rest of crooks in office. This is Shocking.