Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Martin Frost: Ex-Congressman, Lawyer, Proud Thief

Martin Frost
Tristan Hallman a reporter for the Washington, D.C. bureau of the Dallas Morning News is marveling over ex-congressman, and lawyer, Martin Frost's admission in a Politico essay to his theft of photos from the photo morgue at the Dallas Morning News.  This is what Frost had to say:

"The story about female public figures and photos is not new, unfortunately. About 40 years ago, I clerked for a terrific federal judge, Sarah Hughes (pic), who was 74 at the time. She often complained when The Dallas Morning News ran unflattering photos of her.

Judge Sarah Hughes

This went on for a while. One day I went down to the paper’s photo morgue — where a publication’s pictures were kept on file — and I took some of the offending photos. This was before digital photographs — so once a picture was gone, it was really gone."

Judge Hughes is a significant historical figure having administered the oath of office to LBJ aboard Air Force One following the assassinatio of John F. Kennedy.
Pretty obnoxious bit of bragging by Mr. Frost.  Could cost him a disciplinary hit--not the underlying act, but the bragging about it.


  1. Wouldn't have been a problem, I don't think, if she'd had access to Bad Lawyer's official photographer.

  2. No kidding, okiedoke...who by the way, is the great photog in question in case anyone needs a great graph for their blawg or website.

  3. Frost should get reprimanded at a minimum. I don't think the bar association wants lawyers to proudly write about their law related pilfering even if it was decades ago. To do so brings disrespect on the profession reinforcing the impression that lawyers are thieves and crooks and unethical. Frost doesn't seem to get this. Great post and links.

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