Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Danzinger Bridge Murder and Cover-up

Five New Orleans police officers are on trial in the Danziger Bridge case. They are, from top left: Kenneth Bowen, Robert Faulcon, Robert Gisevius, Arthur Kaufman and Anthony Villavaso.
While it seems as if all of America is in a trance over a brainless twit's responsibility for the death and missing body of her infant and whether Florida would manage to put the mother on a death row gurney--the real trial of this century, thus far, the Danzinger Bridge murders and cover-up trial is underway in New Orleans.  The coverage by the New Orleans Times Picayune is as you might expect amazing and heartbreaking. 

The massive and "brazen" cover-up of the reacist killings in the wake of Katrina is one of the all-time Bad Cop stories. 

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  1. Some of the people accused of "murder" are is this racist?