Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Words No Man Likes to Hear: Botched Circumcision

A year or more, ago, the Bad Lawyer blawg featured a couple of posts on botched circumcision verdicts and lawsuits.  This morning the ABAJournal blawg reports on confirmation of a $4.6 million dollar verdict in California for a botched circumcision.  This "approval" by the court was necessary because of a defense challenge based on legislated malpractice caps.

I was planning to revisit this subject because of the proposed San Francisco ban on circumcision which is much in the news due to an ACLU lawsuit disputing the constitutionality of the proposed ban based on religious freedoms. 


  1. Hilarious grahic.


  2. EVERY circumcision is a "botched" circumcision.

    @armouris: Go spread your circlist BS on other forums where mutilation fetishists get off on this sick crap. I mean, God forbid that any type of "cutting" would be proposed/imposed on FEMALES in order to reduce any spread of disease (let's face it, the vulva and all its smelly urine-and-smegma-soaked folds can be a vertiable petrie dish for all kinds of nasties).

    Oh, and you could cut the female breast cancer rate by HALF just by lopping off one breast (or breast tissue) from each female newborn. Now THERE's research worth looking into!

  3. 99% of the lawyers i have had dealings with have been honest.. Joseph parente chicago is not honest. do not trust his word as it is worthless. he will cheat you without the slightest feeling of guilt fast talker with no conscience

  4. igot all the horrible symptionsw of a botched penis

  5. i had a renal cancer surjury last year.i lost a half of kidney.now i have a swollen prostate,and a 2.5 cm mass on my lung.and a mass on my thyroid.the kidney and the prostate got to be from the way i was circumsized.well nearly 40 years ago i had the most horriblest dr.really messed me up.i will start off at the top of my penis is brigded,which means my top penis skin fits to the head of my penis.now on each side of the head there is a hole.on the bridge from hole to hole there is one bb size hole on one side.other than that under my head i have alot of extra skin.yes i can go on and on on how this ruined my life,w3ell it did.very emotional times..yes i had a complex,but now i in a bad time for something i did'nt do.as a child i didnt know how to clean it.around 4th grade i noticed a white cheesy stuff coming out the sides.it was cheese and stunk awful.i wonder if i can lawsuit the hospital that ruined my life. i am on list to get cosmetic.and there will be skin on me that i never seen .i also wonder if my case is rAre.