Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad Lawyer Is Being Sentenced for Attempted Tax Evasion

I am off to federal court, where I will be sentenced on my tax crime at noon, today. 

I am grateful to all my friends, family and followers for their prayers and kind messages of support.  Amazingly, I've received letters of support from amazing old and new friends, friends from in the blogosphere and from former colleagues and judges.  But the most powerful connections are those that God placed in my path a long time ago, friends (Steve, Lester, Pat, Sharon, and Irving) who did not abandon me; my family (especially Sharyn, Amy, Liz, Maddy, and Will) that understood the weight and legacy of burdens and confusion that I was not able to overcome.  And of course, Alcohollics Anonymous and OLAP.

Do not do what I did.  My failures were unjustified, completely irrational, and inexcusable.  I say these things not as a consequence of being "caught," because in truth the revelation of my tax offenses are answered prayers.  My secrets made me a very sick person.  Anything I've done right  in the last year has been because I've been relieved of my mental illness manifest in being unable to operate a successful and sane solo practice.

If you have not dealt with your business or tax obligations there is help, in fact the government is more than willing to assist you if you are proactive in seeking assistance.  Do not delay one more day, call for help today--if you live in and around OurTown I can put you in touch with tax and legal professionals that can and will help you.   I beg you, do not ignore the chaos.

When my situation permits I will honestly report on my experiences.  There is much I have not reported about the nuts and bolts of going through this experience--for obvious reasons.  But I intend to tell it all as my situation permits.  Despite my crime, and my admission of guilt I have been treated with dignity and concern for my health and the welfare of my family.  Nonetheless, you do not want to go through what I am going through so I entreat you, take action now.


  1. A remarkable man you are, BL. You have blessed us, most likely, because you are blessed. Keep on keeping on.

  2. I was in the throng at the courthouse, no media, but lots of bodies. BL is rumored to have walked. Some months with an ankle bracelet and a couple on paper. He was a pretty sorry soul, real contrite.

  3. Hate to see the BadLawyer be unable to continue, here's hoping that you can continue to supply the amzing stories in plain english like you do.

  4. The public records are unclear, but I hope I am interpreting them correctly. It appears that the fine jurist who sentenced you did not follow the government's recommendation. He is a good man and a fine judge.

    In any event, that chapter of your life is over, and another one begins.

    Every best wish.

  5. Ant1, okiedoke,JB, anons--

    Thank you so much. I plan to post in some detail about this episode. I am an indeed a very blessed Bad Lawyer.

  6. thanks for sharing.