Tuesday, September 21, 2010

District Attorney Kratz Is An Ass--"Wanna Go To an Autopsy? Wear Your High Heels!"

I may have been the first "blawger" to report the story of District Attorney Kenneth Kratz, the "sexting" prosecutor who deemed it appropriate to come on to a domestic abuse victim.  At the time I originally wrote about this creep, I made a prediction--which I confess involved no great lawyer insight.   Nonetheless, I've been waiting to be proved accurate,  I said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  If Kratz did this to one victim, how many other domestic violence victims did he come on to over the years?  Bet you...lots.  Others will turn up." 

Here you go, via the Wisconsin State Journal:

Weeks after Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz was caught sending sexually charged text messages to a crime victim, he shared confidential details of a murder investigation with another woman and invited her to wear high heels to the victim's autopsy, according to a letter obtained Monday by the Wisconsin State Journal.

In the letter sent to Gov. Jim Doyle on Friday, the woman called for Kratz's removal from office and an investigation into why the district attorney was not sanctioned for his improper attempts to strike up a sexual relationship with Stephanie Van Groll, whose ex-boyfriend Kratz was prosecuting on domestic abuse charges

The woman could not be reached for comment Monday. However, Doyle spokesman Adam Collins released a copy of the letter to the media Monday afternoon - with the woman's name blacked out - shortly before Doyle announced he would seek to remove Kratz once he receives a 'verified' complaint from a taxpayer in Calumet County. Van Groll lives in a different county.

Kratz, who has held his position for 18 years, has apologized for sending the text messages and said he would seek therapy. He began a medical leave on Monday, but his attorney has said he would fight attempts to remove him from office.  Kratz was also pressured to resign from the Crime Victims Rights Board, which he had chaired for 11 years, on Dec. 3 after Van Groll called Kaukauna police to report that Kratz had been harassing her by sending 30 text messages in three days.

Last week, another woman wrote to Doyle's office to say she had had a similar experience with Kratz, 50, after the two met on the online dating service Match.com in December.

'We exchanged a few emails and eventually agreed to meet for dinner," she wrote. "I was hesitant since he had written some things that were inappropriate to say to someone at that stage of communicating, and also seems to vacillate between kind and interesting and insecure, impatient and demanding. But I figured that as a public figure in a position of authority, I should be safe with him.'"
More to come, I assure.  Folks like Kratz are opportunistic perpetrators.  They do what they do when they think there is a reasonable probability that they won't be found out. 

Snakes in the grass.


  1. Good un Bad Lawyer, the third woman came forward: Here;s the link: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20100921/GPG0101/100921085/3rd-woman-accuses-Calumet-Co-DA-of-sexually-harassing-texts.

    A law student no less, he was going to help her get a pardon on a 10 year old drug conviction.


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