Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chiropractor's Sperm/DNA Ends Up On Patient's Back and He Can Continue to Practice! Are Your Kidding?!

The is reporting that a local chiropractor has been permitted to continue to practice his "profession" notwithstanding a criminal investigation showing that his sperm ended up on the back of a recent female patient.  Here'sthe story:

"[C]hiropractor Daniel Duffy can continue to practice, but must have a female chaperone if he is treating women, a state board announced Thursday. 'Respondent’s continued practice poses a serious and immediate danger to his female patients that cannot be addressed through any means other than the imposition of interim safeguards until such a time as the Board can reach a final decision in a contested case against him,' the Iowa Board of Chiropractic ruled [no kidding!!!].

Police on Aug. 27 charged Duffy with misdemeanor assault after DNA tests showed sperm found on the back of a woman who he had treated at his Perry office matched Duffy’s. He is free on bail and continues to see patients.

The Iowa Board of Chiropractic on Thursday announced an emergency action that allows Duffy to practice under several conditions. Duffy declined to comment on the advice of his lawyer.  A hearing is set for Sept. 29. Duffy can contest the ruling then.

Duffy was ordered to:
– Have a female chaperone who is not a member of his family present when he is treating a female patient.
--He must identify the chaperone to state officials.
– Provide a copy of the emergency order to all members of his staff, who must sign documents acknowledging receipt.
– Give a copy of the order to all female patients before treatment, or to a parent or guardian if the patient is under age 18. They must also acknowledge receipt in writing. 

Duffy has [been a chiropractor since] 1998.
This sort of story should tell you everything you need to know about Chiropractic Board Standards.


  1. Call the amberlamps. He's leakin'.

  2. I wondered if anyone had hte balls to comment on this post. I'm proud of you for the appropriate amusing reaction.

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