Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Wisconsin State Journal on Kratz--Stop Screwing the Client, Dammit

Mike Nichols, a columnist at the Wisconsin State Journal has a terrific and darkly funny column on that sexy beast District Attorney Ken Kratz.

UPDATE: The Fond du Lac Reporter is carrying calls for Kratz to be disbarred.   By the way, more victims are coming forward.  As I said at the outset, guys like this are predators and opportunistic perpetrators, there is no "one victim."  It's like the rapist, usually your 40 year old rapist who's finally been caught committed many, many crimes along the way.  You don't start your criminal sex career with a single isolated rape. 

FURTHER UPDATE: Cap Times is saying that the Wisconsin Attorney General Van Hollen is implicated in the scandal and is calling for an investigation.
I guess if the Bad Lawyer stood for anything, it was that first and foremost comes the client.  The client deserves to be treated respectfully and honestly.  This requires not exploiting the client, the client's spouse, or the client's property.  Stop screwing the client. 

This is my last post for awhile, as I indicated in a comment earlier today.  I have chosen hardship as the path to peace.  Watch this space.  Perhaps my path will permit to resume the ranting and raving soon, I don't know.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Don't drop the soap. (I mean this to be funny, not mean.)

    But seriously, don't drop the soap.

  2. From the article:

    The [Wisconsin] Supreme Court appoints 16 different committees, each composed of some non-lawyers as well as some attorneys, that are supposed to be an integral part of the OLR’s investigative program — so integral that when I called members of the committee that is supposed to help out in Calumet County I was told they’d never been asked to weigh in on Kratz at all.

    One member, former Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Robert W. Landry, said he found the stuff that Kratz has already admitted doing to be “shocking” and “astonishing.” Told that the Kratz case was within the jurisdiction of the committee he sits on, he said he hadn’t been aware of that and then added that, if they are asked to review it, he may now — given his comments to me — have to recuse himself.

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