Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inappropriate, uh Maybe is carrying an Associated Press report about a Moorhead, Minnesota woman who showed up at the local Walgreens attired in whipped cream and little else.  Funny, story in the sense that in a few lines you peek into her head as it dawns on her that maybe, just maybe...her actions were "a little over the top."

"A woman wearing whipped cream and not much else has been cited for indecent exposure at a Walgreens in downtown Moorhead.   Police say the 37-year-old Moorhead woman walked into the store about 5:45 p.m. Sunday wearing on a thong, pasties, a 'partial'  towel and whipped cream, the Forum of Fargo reported.

Police Lt. Tory Jacobson said the woman told police she was a 'free thinker' who was trying to attract attention and encourage people to defy society's norms, the newspaper reported.

A bystander called police and gave the woman a blanket to cover herself.

[Lt.] Jacobson said the woman later conceded her actions might have been 'a little over the top.' Police gave her a ticket and took her home."
I think it is characteristic of getting older, that the silly, uninhibited things I did as a youngster seems ill-advised now.  When I was in D.C., last week, I saw some of this kind of behavior and fashions in and around of the Marriott where we stayed; and I've seen, and, yes I participated in much more preposterous sorts of things when I was youngster.  There is a role for silliness in life and fashion.  What's amusing or painful, in hindsight are those times and occasions when, just maybe, you were painfully preposterous, uh,..over the top.

Young men rockin' the jeans over the buttocks-look; or pants so baggy that young men walk around gripping the front of the jeans in a way that makes it look as if they are "pleasuring themselves," Bjork in her Swan "dress," or whatever-the-hell, "Lady" Gaga was wearing at whatever-the-hell, event was on television the other night, provocative clothing in courtrooms, all...bad ideas.   In the case of baggy pants check the story at the St. Paul Pioneer Press this AM where a certain Mr. Wiggins (pic) lost control of his pants in the presence of the local authorities, simultaneously dropping a hand gun.  Ooops. 

By the way, my choice of graphics for this post were, let's just say, I chose the most modest option.  When you Google: images:  woman, and whipped cream, well, look on your own.