Thursday, September 23, 2010

Virginia Killed That Woman

The Commonwealth of Virginia killed Teresa Lewis.  I told you at the beginning of the month that the Commonwealth intended to kill her, and Thursday night she was executed.  Her crimes were heinous, but her execution by Virginia is outrageous.  Please read the original post at the link.


  1. Yeah, 72 IQ "mastermind."

  2. I don't support the death penalty under any circumstances.

    And I concur that it is difficult to refer to someone with an IQ of 72 as a "mastermind".

    Notwithstanding, I find the implication that low IQ or retarded people should not be held culpable for their conduct as a bit offensive. The vast majority of such people of course struggle in our society, especially in a knowledge driven economy, but they also clearly know right from wrong and by and large people in these circumstances deserve the dignity of being labeled moral and ethical people.

    Conflating having a low IQ with an incapacity to discern right from wrong just isn't a persuasive abolitionist tactic.

    Don't get me wrong - we are no safer or better off by spending millions to have Ms. Lewis killed by the State. But she was indeed capable of knowing what she did was wrong, and indeed, inasmuch as she was a prisoner who took responsibility for her crime, could have been a positive impact on other women in prison.

    Some food for thought.