Monday, September 27, 2010

Shhhh....Mommy's Sleeping!

Here's a police blotter item from the Lorain (Ohio) Morning Journal to break your heart:

"When police found a 25-year-old Lorain woman passed out in a parking lot Wednesday night, her 3-year-old daughter told them 'Mommy is sleeping,' according to a Lorain police report.  Officers went to an apartment building at 1120 E. Erie Ave. around 6:54 p.m. where they saw the mother, Amber Connor (pic, left), lying flat on her back, 'passed out' in the parking lot. An empty bottle of vodka was next to her and her daughter was standing nearby, according to the report.

Neighbors had called police because the girl was wandering the parking lot by her mother. The girl was 'covered from head to toe in dirt and mulch' and “didn’t appear to have had a bath or been cleaned in some time,” the report stated. Paramedics were able to awaken Connor. Police said Connor was intoxicated to the point she urinated on herself and could not keep her balance. Officers tried to question Connor, but could not understand what she was saying, according to the report. Connor was treated for alcohol poisoning and released from Mercy Regional Medical Center around 10:30 p.m. She was then charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and endangering children and was taken to Lorain County Jail. Connor’s boyfriend took care of the child for the night. He told police Connor’s alcoholism has been a continuously growing problem and she is scheduled for inpatient rehab beginning Sunday."
Wow, 25-years old and already creating memories for the next generation to revisit in rehab.


  1. The last comment was ignorant and insensative. 25 years old and in desperate need of help, yes. I pray she receives it and beats her addiction. I'm happy for you that you apparently have no one in your life who has had to face the fallout of drug or alcohol addiction. I hope you never do. :(
    Adoptive mom of 3 children who were born to a drug addicted mother. Our prayers go up for her often.

  2. she be throwin that good head , hahahaha