Thursday, September 2, 2010

Police Blotter Item from Highland Heights, Ohio

When I actively drank, I would buy a six-pack and leave the brews in a paper bag on the passenger seat (in the pre-plastic bag days,) and as I drove I drank.  My only real problem was disposal, in my drunk logic I didn't want the empties in my car maybe I was afraid I would forget them and they'd roll around on the floor.  One night I tried to chuck an empty bottle out of the passenger window as I badly negotiated a circular off ramp. Operating on gross motor, so to speak, my aim was not true and the empty rebounded striking me in the head.  What a genius!  This police blotter item from Highland Heights, Ohio sounded familiar:

"DUI, BISHOP ROAD: A caller reported a non-injury motor vehicle accident on Friday in the rear drive of Zeppe’s Pizzeria, 5559 Wilson Mills.   Police had one female in custody for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and for having five open bottles of wine in the passenger seat."
As I said in so many words, above, I totally relate.

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