Monday, September 27, 2010

"You'll Screw Up Again"

After the Bad Lawyer's sentencing, and my post about the sentencing, an anonymous commentator offered the observation that the he or she detected that the Bad Lawyer was still all about self. My anonymous commentator opined that based on my age, 56, I would doubtless screw up again.  I sincerely hope not. While not a saint, I hope to grow and mature, even at my late stage--God willing, I'd like to become a better human being. 

But my commentator's remark struck a chord with me.  The local news websites and disciplinary cases are rife with precisely the sort of recidivist bad lawyers, I hope not to become.  Columbus, Georgia lawyer Mark Shelnutt (pic, above) didn't have enough.  After being acquitted in a 2009 federal drug and money laundering prosecution, he got himself on audio and video surveillance dealing prescription drugs.  Good job.

At the link you can read the summary with links to the original stories.

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