Friday, February 19, 2010

Annals of Bad Lawyer Advertising--Text Me!

Here's one that comes by way of the ABA Journal website, and the Las Vegas Review Journal website accident attorneys advertising to prospective clients, "Text Me."  That's right Ed Bernstein, pic, has spent about $50k last year alone to tell accident victims to text him. 

This is from Jennifer Robinson's piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal:

"'If you want to reach out to potential clients under the 'age of 40, texting is a really important way to do that," said Bernstein, a pioneering legal marketer who was the first local attorney to buy billboard space and advertise in Spanish. 'I see texting as another new beginning, another first for our firm that will help us make legal services available to the public as easily as possible.'

So Bernstein has rolled out television spots advertising a specialized, dedicated business-texting number -- 24-00-00 -- through which consumers can text him in an emergency, or if they think they might have a case."
This reminds me of my days with the ambulance chasers, I had lunch with one of the veteran bottom-feeders and we were crossing OurTown public square when we witnessed a city bus rear end a car sitting at a light.  Very minor "fender bender."  My senior collegue reached in his pocket and handed the apparently unharmed passengers business cards.  I was astounded, especially when they showed up to file a claim against the cirty bus operators. 

Well, let's just hope that Bernstein's prospective clients text the attorney after the accident!

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