Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fake Cop, Busted by Real Cop

Wanna-be cops have always amused the Bad Lawyer and his pals at the 'bucks--and it's been the topic of conversation on more than one occasion here at Bad Lawyer, so you can imagine my delight when I encountered this delightful account at KC Crime Scene with a link to the original article at the KC Star.

Captain Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police rolled into a local charter school the other day and encountered a security guard dressed up as if he were a Kansas City Police officer.  I mean he was all uniformed and leathered-up but the colors weren't quite right, the weapon was wrong, Captain Lockhart suspected that Jeff A. Swanson was not who he said he was.  Sure and night follow day, he was a wanna-be cop!

The Kansas City Police confiscated his uniform, his badge, a police baton, pepper spray, KCPD  "collar brass" and .380-caliber sidearm.  Nice.

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