Friday, February 26, 2010

Judge Pulls Gun, Gets Reprimand

That's right folks, in Utah, if the Judge pulls a gun on his Bailiff there might just be a consequence, in the case of Judge Gary Sampson (pic) unholsering his gun in the courtroom and pointing it at his bailiff, as a a-ha-joke got him a reprimand from the Utah Supreme Court, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.  This is from their report of the incident:

"Once upon a time, it might have been normal for a Western judge to draw a gun.  But those judges probably didn't point their weapon at a bailiff like Lehi Justice Court Judge Garry Sampson who apparently meant the gun-pointing as a joke. A state commission and a Utah Supreme Court justice took the episode seriously and reprimanded Sampson in December.

Sampson did not return a Salt Lake Tribune phone call to his home seeking comment. A brief report on the conduct commission Web site said Sampson "'accepts full responsibility for his actions and is extremely remorseful.'

According to the report, on March 30 a bailiff  'removed a lid from a bottle of water and threatened to throw water' on Sampson. Sampson removed his gun from its holster and pointed it at the bailiff  'for several seconds."' The report says Sampson acted 'in a joking manner.' But the bailiff and a victim's advocate in the courtroom were alarmed and feared Sampson might accidently fire. Court was not in session at the time.  The conduct commission investigated and recommended the reprimand. Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham agreed and signed the formal letter.  Public discipline against a Utah judge is rare and is applied at the rate of about one judge per year. Sampson has served as Lehi's justice court judge since 2004, according to the report, and he has no other record of misconduct. Justice court judges are appointed by city."


  1. Judge might have been planning merely to shoot the water.

  2. kind of makes one wonder what kind of judge uses such POOR JUDGMENT! a regular person would be arrested and jailed for the same action.