Thursday, February 18, 2010

Workplace Sexual Harassment-Part Four--the Prosecutor

According the Billings Gazette, the Yellowstone County Proscutor, Dennis Paxinos (the irresistable guy in the pic) allegedly can't keep his hands to himself.  A former legal assistant, Stacie Muhlbeier filed a sexual harassment complaint against Paxinos who "was cleared" of wrong doing by an outside investigator even though he admits "consensual sexual contact." 

According to the account Paxinos left a trail of suggestive emails, and despite being "cleared" the investigation suggested he be disciplined.  The Gazette went to some lengths even filing a lawsuit to obtain the information identifying which of their public officials was the subject of the complaint.

The story is an interesting one because the reporters at the paper took the time to lay out the details of the interaction and the sort of dunderheaded handling of the investigation and its aftermath.  I do sympathize with Paxinos in one sense, the events took place in 2003 he's still paying a personal and professional price 7 years later.   But it looks like he can blame himself, because it seems pretty clear that he participated in a deliberate effort to withhold information from the public. 

I know exactly what that's like.  If the Bad Lawyer had confronted his law office management practices, particularly his tax nightmares and demons timely, he might not be writing this blawg and bitching and moaning about the law from the sidelines.

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