Thursday, February 18, 2010

Falsely Accused of Rape

A former St. Paul, Minnesota resident, Justin Sallis, has filed a federal lawsuit allegeing violations of his civil rights, false arrest and imprisonment.

He was accused of raping a woman he in fact dated and with whom he had consensual sex.  He did not rape her, and she did not accuse him of raping her.  According to the story at the Minnesota Star Tribune, on March 15 (of last year), the day after her date with Sallis; the woman called 911 and reported that she had been raped by someone she described as looking nothing like Mr. Sallis.  In fact the age cohort she gave the police for her violent assailant was 20 years older than Mr. Sallis.  Already weird?  It gets weirder, on March 16, she and Sallis have consensual sex again;  okay, got that?  Justin Sallisa and his friend have sex on the March 14, his friend is allegedly raped on the 15th, and finally she and Sallis have sex on the 16th. 

So the rape kit comes back in June with with Mr. Sallis' DNA, he's arrested and he spends 39 days in jail. 

This story goes to prove the point that weird shit happens.  Not that any reader of Bad Lawyer had doubts.  Let me add that Justin Sallis is lucky this didn't go down in Texas, Georgia, Tennesses and a few other venues we look at, eh?

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