Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Driving Pet Peeves

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has this report of a proposed traffic law; the traffic ordinance I've long regarded as desirable.  It is the Bad Lawyer's driving pet peeve--passing lane drivers who are slowing down drivers who are trying to use the passing lane, for passing!

Now I know what you're thinking, the Bad Lawyer must be an aggressive left hand lane driver who tailgates and mutters to himself.  Au contraire, mon cher--when I drive, I drive more or less in the right hand lanes of travel, amazed at the clueless wonders dawdling along in the passing lane of travel.  It's worse since the age of the cell phone.  The Georgia legislator, Mark Butler, who proposed the bill is quoted as saying, ""It is a safety issue when people use that lane as their personal driving preference [rather than as a passing lane, without regard to the rest of traffic]", Butler said.  Butler believes eliminating the problem might help traffic congestion. "We’re not trying to promote speeding," Butler added. "If you’re speeding or you’re tailgating in that left-hand lane, you’re still going to get a ticket."

Okay, I'm not really in favor of new tickets, but the idea makes me smile. Sick, huh?


  1. I have a theory that every region of the country has its particular form of bad driving. On the east coast it's that left turn on the green light thing, trying to beat out the oncoming traffic the instant the light changes. I used to call this the "New Haven left" b/c that's where I lived then. Here in Michigan it's tailgating, especially in the left lane. When it's particularly egregious (like, scary) I wish for one of those James Bond devices that would spew oil out the back of my car and send these idiots careening to their doom.

    I know that's not you, BL.

  2. I can see you in your Aston-Martin flying up I-75 spewing oil, quoting Shakespeare!

  3. from the land of liberties to the land of laws . ibelieve i read some years back counting all laws , statutes ordinences , code and whatever we passed a billion yes billion not million so lets se how many years to make that a trillion imagine more laws than people

    the pope
    i thought 10 would be enough

  4. Your holiness, once again makes a spirited prayer for liberty.