Monday, February 8, 2010

Karaoke Can Get You Killed

This is also from Sunday's New York Times, in fact when my pal Chris came across the article at the link--we coffee-sucking geezers were subjected by Chris to a karaoke-like-reading.  As it turns out singing Karaoke versions of Sinatra's late-career signature song My Way can get you killed in some places in the Phillipines.   Oh, and as I would expect singing John Denver's Country Road, can be pretty unhealthy too!


  1. In a remarkable demonstration of newsroom continuity, please note the same issue of the Times, in the business section, has a lengthy story of Guy Hands, the non-music guy who bet fabulously wrong on EMI. Reveals that Guy sings My Way in his home karaoke system. Shareholders and biz partners wish Mr. Hands lived in Phillipines, I expect.

  2. You are perspicacious, sir! As always, you know how to connect the cultural/news dots!


  3. Sinatra and Bad Lawyer wear similar hats. Two bad dudes? Just don't sing when you go to the bar. I read bad things can happen.