Friday, February 12, 2010

Disbarred Attorney, Just Keeps On Stealin'

Aisling Swift's article in the Naples News website gives us another example of why the Disciplinary authorites do all that they can do to shut down the disbarred attorney-class.  In Gary Gramer, we have a disbarred New York lawyer who pled guilty to stealing a little client money.  So what does Gramer do?

Why he takes his show on the road to the sunshine state, where he continues to practice law despite fugitive warrants and the NY disciplinary proceedings.  Oh, and he wasn't hiding, he actually had an office and multiple pending civil actions. 

When I got out of law school years ago, a lot of guys took the OurState bar, and promptly took the Florida bar, so they could "write off their Florida vacations," somone out there, please explain that one to me?  For those of us east of the Mississippi, Florida bar registration as your second state of admission was not an uncommon phenomena.  My guess is Gramer was one of those guys. 


  1. Do you imagine that shilling for the state-bar establishment will make your readmission smoother?

  2. Stephen--

    I'm not sure I understand your comment, if you want to call the post "shilling" fine, but I'm not sure I understand how that would operate in the context of this post, or for that matter the context of this blawg? Please feel free to enlighten me, I have no problem having a conversation about whatever impulse promted your comment.


  3. Who does all they can? I just stumbled upon this blog, and wanted some clarity on who does what. I have personal knowledge of this case and no one gave 2 cents to protect anyone, This was such a MUDDY situation and literally no-one cared... I am thinking of publishing a book about it also. The ethics committees, and bar associations across the country could learn so much just from this case ALONE. From personal experience NO they are not doing all they can, nor were/are the fellow attorneys involved...