Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second Amendment--Gimmee My Guns!

As we have seen, here on Bad Lawyer, with the series on the Tennessee legislature efforts to enact its Guns in Bars and Restraurant laws, the wholly-owned moron contingent of yours or OurState legislature believe the constitution was designed primarily to put guns in the hands of everyone.  This last week I bumped into two more legislative efforts looking out to protect our gun-related wants and desires whether we knew we had such wants and desires, or not.

Law-givers in Nebraska according to the Journal Star want you to be able to shoot your gun off at any ol' person who's in your house at any ol' time even if there is no threat.  Sort of makes sense if you imagine that there might never be a situation when some strange person is in your house, like a relative, a returning chile on a surprise visit, ...just go ahead and shoot 'em.  Soon it will be okay in Nebraska to blast away.  By the way, the police, and law enforcement are majorly opposed to this bright idea, imagine how many times they find themselves in the shoes of the unidentified intruder?

In Arizona, the morons at the State capitol are trying to enact legislation to allow concealed guns to be carried without the necessity of obtaining a permit, and all that unnecessary background checks to figure out if maybe you are a criminal or certifiably insane.  In a report at the Arizona Republic's website, you will learn that in Arizona, you already can wear one strapped on like John Wayne, but this is just the next logical step in your freedom and liberty unless of course you get killed by one of these concealed weapons.  Oh, by the way, the police and law enforcement don't like this idea, either.

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