Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wanna-Be-Cop--Part Two

So my pal Chris tipped me this article from Cleveland.com.  Don Shaffer, 55, a Canton, Ohio resident was escorting 7 Massillon City school buses, well let me quote Michael Sangiacomo's (unintentionally?) comic account: 

"[Mr. Shaffer] was charged Wednesday with impersonating a peace officer, impeding the flow of traffic and having improper lights on a motor vehicle. The Summit County Sheriff's Office began to investigate Shaffer after the Nov. 28 crash because many of the people on the buses thought he was a police officer.  He is not a police officer but he dresses like one, deputies said. He runs a business escorting funeral processions. 'He was operating a white 2006 three-wheeled motorcycle equipped with red and amber lights and stars affixed to all sides of the motorcycle that resembled that of a sheriff's vehicle,' said Sheriff's Inspector William Holland in a news release. 'He was also found to be wearing a uniform that resembled that of a deputy sheriff's uniform, including patches on the sleeves and a breast badge.'

Investigators said Shaffer was not hired to assist the seven busloads of students, band members, football players and boosters as they made their way home from the University of Akron's InfoCision Stadium, where the team had lost to Glenville High in a state semifinal. Shaffer was escorting the buses as a favor to one of his friends, investigators said.

Shaffer motioned a car driving alongside a bus off to the right side of the road. But in doing so, the driver cut off another car. The driver overcorrected and pulled in front of one of the buses, causing the bus driver to brake suddenly. Another bus rear-ended the first bus, causing its engine to catch fire. The 21 injured band members were treated at several Akron hospitals for minor injuries. Traffic was tied up for hours."

As you read this account, did the theme from the old Benny Hill show begin playing in your mind?

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