Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheesburger Engine Additive Not Advisable

As I said there are certain stories that I pick up in trolling local news websites that need little or no comment, this one from reporter, Kimberly Dick at the Charlotte Observer falls into that category:

Cheeseburger stuffed in car's gas tank causes $1,000 damage

Mechanics found a cheeseburger in the gas tank of a Rock Hill woman’s car, police say.  The 30-year-old told police she noticed her car was running “rugged” late last week, according to a Rock Hill police report. The car would stop running, and let her start it again only to cut off a few minutes later.


A mechanic found a cheeseburger and a pickle inside the car’s gas tank, the report said. The lunch caused about $1,000 in damages to the car. It is not known how the sandwich got inside the vehicle’s tank.

In a separate incident reported Tuesday in Rock Hill, another woman reported seeing the door to her gas tank open when she was leaving her residence Tuesday.  Someone had poured sugar in her gas tank and scratched the outside of her car, a report said. Damage was estimated at $500.
Putting a cheeseburger in someone's gas tank is not kosher.


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