Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Senator: I Am Strongly in Favor of Frivolous Lawsuits!

The Huffington Post is reporting that famous prostitute, er prostitute patron, Sen. David "Poopy Diaper" Vitter is a big supporter of frivolous lawsuits, here's ther video evidence:


As noted on Bad Lawyer, these lawsuits are routinely dismissed as frivolous and in the case of Orly Taitz, subject ot substantial sanctions.  Sen. Vitter is engaged in nothing more than Louisiana demagoguery. 


  1. begging your pardon--orly taitz helping expose the arrogant piece of------ "obooba for what he is or actually what he isn't is hardly frivolous except to those who chronic apathy is a part of their personality. just because the "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" refuses to upset the apple cart they loaded wont force this unanswered un-investigated problem go away and in a survey i saw some time ago the largest segment of the population per capita believing his illegetimacy was the military
    i've seen and been involved in many suits that were deemed frivolous because they were unpopular hard to believe or unfamiliar the court and status quo marches exclusivly to it's own drum and remains dominant by extingushing any light that may reveal any of the frauds it engages in

    the pope

  2. Your holiness--

    It is one thing to climb out on a limb only to have it cut down. It is quite anothe to willfully claim for political purposes that you are in favor of people climbing out on the same stub of a limb over and over, again...while claiming, unbelievably that you don't know the details. Vitter is a whore.