Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prison Justice

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting on the San Quentin murder of a newly-arrived inmate who was convicted of murder in teh DUI death of a 9 year old girl and her father.  This is reporter Henry K. Lee's chilling account:

"A newly arrived [inmate] at San Quentin State Prison [. . . ]convicted of murder and drunken driving in the death of a 9-year-old Novato girl was fatally stabbed by another inmate, authorities said today.  Edward John Schaefer (pic, right), 44, was stabbed in the chest and neck at about 10:35 a.m. Monday in the prison's reception center yard and died that night, said Lt. Sam Robinson, prison spokesman.

The suspect is Frank Anthony Souza (pic, left), 31, a convicted murderer from San Jose, Robinson said. Souza had fashioned a homemade weapon, authorities said.

Schaefer was killed just 10 days after he arrived at San Quentin. The prison's reception center is where all convicted murderers in California are processed before they are transferred to other prisons.  Schaefer was sentenced July 13 to 24 years to life in prison for second-degree murder and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated for killing Melody Osheroff, 9, and critically wounding her father, Aaron Osheroff in May 2009. Schaefer was under the influence when he slammed his motorcycle into the victims as they were in a crosswalk.

Judge Terrence Boren of Marin County Superior Court sentenced Schaefer a day after Melody would have turned 11.Schaefer had previously served a four-year sentence for corporal injury to a spouse. 

Souza was convicted in Santa Clara County Superior Court of first-degree murder for fatally strangling and beating John Carl Riggins, 59, who was homeless, in an alley near Lincoln Avenue in San Jose in August 2007. The two men had gotten into a confrontation after Souza stole Riggins' mountain bike, authorities said.

Souza arrived at San Quentin in January to begin serving a sentence of 60 years to life, Robinson said. Souza had served three stints in prison for grand theft, receiving stolen property and threatening a prosecution witness with force and violence."
This story reminds me of the plot of the Fritz Lang movie, M. 


  1. You're right, the scene where the criminals try the child murderer marked with the M, but you forget the police intervene in time to save his life from the criminals. Apt analogy though.

  2. What is not stated in this article, is that Edward John Schaefer (the person who ran down and killed 9 year old Melody Osheroff with his motorcycle and left her father an amputee and parapalegic for life, and left their younger daughter without her big sister) had been arrested 6 times previously for DUI/DWI.

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