Wednesday, July 21, 2010

O Georgia!

Reporter Alexis Stevens at the AJC provides us with new meaning for being "loaded" in court:

"A 68-year-old Atlanta man was arrested Monday morning for trying to bring a loaded .38 revolver into the Fulton County courthouse, the sheriff's office said.  Fulton County Sheriff's Office Charles D. Throckmorton, 68, was arrested for allegedly trying to bring a loaded pistol into the Fulton County courthouse.

Charles D. Throckmorton apparently placed the gun in a bag that he then put on a conveyor belt at the courthouse, where a security guard noticed the weapon and notified a deputy, Tracy Flanagan, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said Tuesday afternoon.  The deputy on duty also found two speed loaders and a magazine clip for a .380 pistol, Flanagan said. The deputy asked Throckmorton whether he was a law enforcement officer and Throckmorton said no, she said. Throckmorton was arrested and his bond was set at $3,000."
Hell, this is Georgia--I'm surprised they even charged him. 

Can you imagine, a guy shows up with a small arsenal and they release him on a $3,000 bond?  I'm sorry freinds, this one should send a chill donw your spine if you're practicing law in and around a Georgia court house. 

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  1. Yeah and these crackers just expanded the concealed carry law so you can take the guns right up to the door of the airport!!!