Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nude Cycling Draws a Helmet Fine

In Portland, Oregon nude cycling is de rigueur, a few miles away, say Vancouver, Washington--nude cycling will get you busted for indecent exposure according to an article at the Seattle Times.   Yes, friends it's that time of year when bicycling stories abound at the local websites.  Unfortunately most of these stories involve dead bike riders, many not wearing a bicycle helmet.

Oddly that was not the case with Matthew Vilhauer who was cited for "indecent exposure," despite wearing both shoes and a helmet.  A local jury hung (no pun intended) on the charges relating to the nude cycling, but an embarrassed Vilhauer has agreed to resolve the case by paying a $50 no helmet ticket.  Remember just because they do it, nude cycling that is, in Portland does not mean you can do it, naked bike riding that is, everywhere.

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