Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doctor-Rapist Gets 25 Years

A Grady, Georgia emergency room doctor,  Adam Wayne Lebowitz, 50, was sentenced to 25 year, 8 month in prison for sex with two minor boys which Lebowitz  videotaped.  The videos were located on the doctor's computer by investigators.  Further evidence recovered in the investigation--which began when authorities picked up sexually suggestive text messages sent to a 15 year old boy, included condoms and lubricants.  This guy was planning further sexual assaults.

Lebowitz was HIV positive and instead of cooperating with federal investigators by providing them as promised with the names of others who were exposed to HIV, the doctor attempted to flee according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A number of years ago, the son of a law professor that I know was receiving text messages from a local high school teacher. Although not explicit, the text messages suggested meeting with the teacher and touched on adolescent development issues that sent red flags to the father and to me.   At my suggestion the professor and I met with the FBI. 

While it may seem like social networking has created these crimes, I'm convinced that social networking: texting, Facebook, Twitter, and wi-fi technologies created forensic fingerprints that did not exist previously.  These technologies reveal crimes and criminals that in prior years would not have been detected.

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