Friday, July 16, 2010

When Posting Bail, Use Real Money!

According to a Camden, NJ man attempted to post his $400 bond using counterfeit money.  Here's Peter Mucha's story:

"Most people post bail to stay out of jail.  Not to risk a lot more time there. According to Cinnaminson Police, a Camden man included counterfeit $20 bills while paying his $400 bail on July 7th.

Lousy counterfeit $20s. Run off on a color copier, apparently. 'They're pretty poor. I didn't have to touch them and I knew they were bad,' said Detective Sgt. William K. Covert.  They were almost as obvious as the copies of $1 bills he's seen created by students trying to fool soda machines. The paper didn't feel right. It lacked the colored threads. And Andrew Jackson's face was kind of fuzzy.

Ronald White, 35, was arrested for several counts of shoplifting from a Burlington Coat Factory and Shop-Rite on Route 130. He had $900 in cash on him, not all of it counterfeit."
Mr. White leapfrogged from a misdemeanor theft to felony federal counterfeiting.  What an idiot.


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